When will I get boobs?

Does wearing a tampon hurt?

What's the deal with menstrual cups?

Seriously, when will I get boobs?

Puberty is a magical time in a girl’s life. It’s also messy, confusing, and full of surprises. That’s why I wrote this book.

I’ve devoted my life to helping girls and women develop confidence in their bodies and their choices. As the founder of HelloFlo, I’m intimately familiar with the unique challenges of puberty and the questions it can raise for girls as they experience it.

The Guide, Period. is full of practical advice, helpful explanations, and messages of encouragement. It’s a tender, funny, and honest companion to young girls as they find their paths to womanhood. In other words, it’s the kind of book you wish were around when you were their age.

Bold and unafraid, The Guide, Period. is essential reading for anyone who’s curious to discover the powerful, uncomfortable, and transformative truths about periods and puberty.